nottuo offers branding design services to small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors across Japan, aiming to transform their operations through "design management." We work closely with our clients to cultivate their unique identity through phases of "Design Consultation," "Branding Design," and "Post-Branding," providing optimal services at each stage to become the "designer next to the entrepreneur."

Design Consulting

Installing Design Management

We have introduced "Design Consulting" services in addition to our existing branding design services to foster a society where small and medium-sized enterprises across Japan strengthen their management through design. The goal of this service is to create a corporate culture that views design as an essential element of company management. By incorporating a design perspective into all outputs, communications, and corporate activities, and by using design as a tool to clearly communicate objectives and enhance quality, we aim to improve corporate value.

"Design management," as defined by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Patent Office in 2018, is a management approach that utilizes design as a critical resource for enhancing corporate value.


Case Study: Company A (Hospitality Industry)
Contract: External CCO Plan

As an external Chief Creative Officer (CCO), I participated in planning meetings where I provided advice on short-term strategies based on monthly sales data and proposed ideas for medium-to-long-term improvements. I also supervised and improved in-house design materials, continuously enhancing the quality of printed materials and furnishings within the premises. Additionally, I have been involved from the planning stages in new business ventures, providing comprehensive creative support for the launch of five new projects since 2015.

Branding Design

Branding Improves the Company

Our concept of branding revolves around creating a distinct "identity" for our clients. We start by asking, "What do you really want to do?" and "Where do you see your business in ten years?" By delving deep into their passions, we discover the true essence of our clients and shape it through design. Branding not only communicates the future goals of the company to customers but also to the internal staff, enhancing engagement, improving performance, and increasing recruitment capabilities, thus "improving" the company in various aspects.

Note: Branding should be viewed as a long-term investment and its effects should not be judged over a short period. However, our track record shows that branding can also yield short-term improvements in business conditions.

nottuo's design areas

  • Logo development and regulation formulation, product development, and public relations strategies
  • Business cards, envelopes, company brochures, letterheads, and other corporate identity (CI) designs
  • Shop cards, leaflets, catalogs, and other tool designs
  • Web designs for corporate and e-commerce sites
  • Space designs for stores, offices, and inns
  • Development of uniforms, dishware, amenities, and other items
  • Event promotion and sales channel development planning

To capture the unique character, we design everything

After Branding

Continuing to Design Even After Branding

nottuo provides "Outer Branding Services" to ensure clients continue to engage in "Design Management" even after delivering branding designs. These services are ideal for clients without in-house designers or those who wish to maintain the quality of their internal design outputs. We offer flexible plans tailored to the client's organizational structure, allowing them to choose and combine the best options for their needs. Rather than ending with the design, we provide ongoing support to help build a corporate structure that integrates management and design.

Note: "Post-Branding" is a service specifically for clients assisted with branding design by nottuo and is only available in conjunction with "Design Consulting."

Design management begins after creation