Dialogue with Local Entrepreneurs Column


Creating Together, Not Just Hiring a Designer: Behind the Branding of Naoshima Ryokan Roka


notto's project, Dialocal, features discussions with local business leaders across Japan. Dialocal is a coined word combining "Dialog" and "Local." The theme is design and management, and we aim to introduce attractive business owners who are "Changing the regions through design." In the second installment, we will bring you a public discussion with Mr. Sasaki, a long-time friend who has been an ally for ten years and has changed nottuo's design career. [more]


Design from the Countryside Captures the World: Why nottuo Focuses on Local Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


nottuo is launching a new project called Dialocal, where we engage in dialogues with local business owners across Japan. Dialocal is a coined term combining "Dialog" and "Local". We aim to introduce captivating business leaders who are 'changing the regions through design,' focusing on themes of design and management. For our first installment, we invited Mr. Haneda from Serifu LLC, a fellow creative business in Nishiawakura Village, Okayama Prefecture, where nottuo is based. In this dialogue, he will delve into the story of nottuo. [more]