ORGANIC&CO. – [Store Design] Saitama Omiya Organic Grocery Store


We at nottuo were responsible for the branding design and store design of the newly established “ORGANIC&CO.” in Saitama Omiya.

Our client, Kyodo Shoji, is a Saitama Kawagoe-based company known for COEDO Beer. However, they have been pioneers in Japan’s organic agriculture, being the first to start wholesale of organic vegetables in the 1970s.

Kyodo Shoji has developed new agricultural methods such as direct-from-farm distribution and cold chain systems, building trust with hundreds of organic farmers nationwide. When they decided to venture into the organic vegetable retail business, they approached us at nottuo.

(I was surprised when we received their email since COEDO Beer is one of my favorite craft beers!)

The kick-off happened after the tenant store location was already decided, so we had a short, intense six-month period. We frequently visited their Kawagoe headquarters to deepen discussions and move forward with brand core articulation and design outputs for the new business.
At the kick-off, President Asagiri said, “I want to take 12 years, divided into four terms of three years each, to carefully nurture the brand.” This left a strong impression on me, and I was excited by the perspective of a leader maintaining the COEDO Beer brand.

For store design, we at nottuo focused on the theme of an “agricultural store.” We used carts as fixtures, divided spaces with greenhouse frames, and created displays and benches from wooden pallets used at their Kawagoe headquarters (I still remember the muscle pain from sanding them down). We aimed for a store that connects producers and consumers, reflecting agriculture and distribution. The main counter also features earthen finishes.

Eventually, we plan for bicycles pulling ORGANIC&CO. carts to deliver vegetables around Omiya Station, which we look forward to becoming a new local tradition.

As a store selling organic vegetables by weight, ORGANIC&CO. is a “modern greengrocer” that blends old and new. Please visit and experience the deliciousness of their vegetables!

(Branding design tools will be introduced later)

OPEN 10:00 – 18:00
CLOSE Closed on the fourth Monday of every month

埼玉県さいたま市大宮区高鼻町2-1-1 Bibli 1F
A 10-minute walk from Omiya Station, in front of the second torii gate of Hikawa Sando